Dr. Tyler Bigenho Video Goes Viral On Twitter & Reddit

Explore the viral sensation surrounding the controversial video of Dr. Tyler Bigenho’s aggressive spinal adjustment technique, as it takes Twitter and Reddit by storm. At Jumy.vn, we uncover the widespread reactions and discussions generated by the dr tyler bigenho video viral Twitter & Reddit. Delve into the professional repercussions and the calls for ethical review within the chiropractic industry that followed the incident. Additionally, we examine the defenses presented by supporters of Dr. Bigenho’s actions. Join us as we unravel the impact and consequences of this viral video on the renowned chiropractor.

The Dr. Tyler Bigenho Scandal Social Media Backlash
Controversial video of Dr. Bigenho performing aggressive spinal adjustment Reactions and discussions on Twitter and Reddit
Professional consequences and calls for ethical review Supporters defending Dr. Bigenho’s actions

Social Media Users React to the Controversial Video

1. Outrage and Criticism Spread on Twitter

Twitter users were quick to express their outrage and criticism upon watching the video of Dr. Tyler Bigenho’s aggressive spinal adjustment. Many condemned the technique as dangerous and questioned the ethics behind such a forceful manipulation. Hashtags such as #BigenhoScandal and #ChiropracticEthics began trending, with users sharing their concerns about patient safety and the need for stricter regulations in the chiropractic field.

2. Reddit’s Indepth Discussions and Analysis

Reddit, known for its vibrant communities and thorough discussions, provided a platform for more in-depth analysis of the controversial video. Various subreddits dedicated to health and wellness became hotspots for debates, with users sharing their personal experiences with chiropractic treatments and voicing their opinions on Dr. Bigenho’s methods. Some threads focused on dissecting the potential risks and benefits of aggressive spinal adjustments, while others delved into the broader issues of informed consent and patient autonomy.

3. Supportive Voices Defending Dr. Bigenho

Amidst the overwhelming backlash, there were those who came to Dr. Bigenho’s defense. Supporters argued that the video lacked context and highlighted the importance of informed consent in chiropractic care. They emphasized that some patients specifically seek out forceful manipulations for relief and that Dr. Bigenho’s technique may have been a valid treatment approach for the particular case shown in the video. Additionally, some supporters contended that the video was blown out of proportion, stating that chiropractors often use force in their adjustments without negative consequences.

4. Discussions Shift Towards the Future of Chiropractic Care

As the storm surrounding the video subsided, discussions on social media began shifting towards the broader implications for the chiropractic profession. Many users expressed concerns about the need for stricter regulations, standardized practices, and greater transparency in the chiropractic industry to ensure patient safety and prevent similar incidents from occurring. Others called for better education and awareness among the general public regarding the risks and benefits of different chiropractic techniques. The video sparked a larger conversation about the future direction of chiropractic care and the responsibilities held by practitioners.

Social Media Users React to the Controversial Video
Social Media Users React to the Controversial Video

Professional Backlash and Calls for Ethical Review

The Fallout from the Controversial Video

The release of the controversial video depicting Dr. Tyler Bigenho’s forceful spine manipulation technique caused a significant professional backlash within the chiropractic community. Numerous critics and fellow practitioners raised concerns about the potential risks and ethical implications of such aggressive maneuvers. The video quickly became a focal point for discussions about the boundaries of chiropractic care and sparked widespread calls for an ethical review of Dr. Bigenho’s practices.

Calls for Stricter Regulations

The video’s viral spread on Twitter and Reddit intensified the push for stricter regulations within the chiropractic profession. Many individuals argued that incidents like these highlighted the need for clearer guidelines and oversight to protect patients from potential harm. Organizations and chiropractic boards faced mounting pressure to reevaluate existing ethical codes and ensure that patient safety and consent remain paramount in chiropractic care.

The Importance of Ethical Conduct

The Dr. Tyler Bigenho scandal serves as a reminder of the significant responsibility held by healthcare professionals, particularly those in hands-on disciplines such as chiropractic care. Maintaining ethical conduct is crucial not only for preserving the trust of patients and colleagues but also for safeguarding the reputation of the entire profession. The video’s aftermath demonstrated the potential consequences that can arise when ethical boundaries are breached, reinforcing the importance of adherence to established guidelines and standards.

Supporters Defend Dr. Bigenho’s Actions

The Argument of Informed Consent

One of the main defenses put forth by supporters of Dr. Tyler Bigenho is the concept of informed consent. They argue that before performing any procedure, including aggressive spinal adjustments, Dr. Bigenho ensures that his patients fully understand the potential risks and benefits involved. According to them, patients have a choice and willingly agree to undergo such treatments after being provided with relevant information.

Clinical Validity of Aggressive Adjustments

Supporters also highlight the clinical validity of Dr. Bigenho’s aggressive spinal adjustment technique. They claim that while it may appear forceful in videos, these manipulations are based on scientific knowledge and ise acquired through years of training and experience. According to them, these techniques can provide relief for certain conditions and have been proven effective in specific cases.

The Role of Personalized Treatment Plans

A key argument made by supporters is that Dr. Bigenho tailors his treatment plans to each individual patient’s needs, taking into account their specific condition, medical history, and personal preferences. They emphasize that what might seem extreme or forceful in a video may actually be an appropriate course of action for a particular patient’s unique circumstances based on Dr. Bigenho’s assessment.

Anecdotal Evidence from Satisfied Patients

In defense of Dr. Tyler Bigenho’s methods, some supporters share personal anecdotes from patients who claim to have experienced positive results from his aggressive spinal adjustments. These individuals report improvements in pain levels, mobility, and overall well-being after receiving treatment from him.

Bigger Picture: Questioning Medical Norms

  • Supporters of Dr. Bigenho argue that his controversial video has opened up a broader discussion about the limitations of traditional medical norms and the need to explore alternative treatment options.
  • They believe that disruptive practitioners like Dr. Bigenho challenge established practices, encouraging critical thinking and innovation in the field of chiropractic care.

The Impact and Consequences for Dr. Tyler Bigenho

1. Damage to Reputation and Loss of Trust

The viral video of Dr. Tyler Bigenho performing an aggressive spinal adjustment has had a significant impact on his reputation as a chiropractor. The video, which showcased a forceful manipulation technique, sparked outrage and raised concerns about the safety and ethics of his practices. Patients and fellow healthcare professionals may now question his judgment and credibility, leading to a loss of trust in his abilities.

  • Public perception of Dr. Bigenho has been tarnished, impacting his professional standing.
  • The video’s viral nature means that it can be easily found and shared, perpetuating the damage to his reputation over time.
  • Critics argue that his actions reflect a lack of consideration for patient well-being, further eroding trust.

2. Legal and Regulatory Consequences

The controversial video has not only attracted public attention but also raised legal and regulatory concerns within the chiropractic industry. Authorities and professional boards may investigate Dr. Bigenho to assess whether his actions violated any ethical or safety standards. This scrutiny could potentially result in disciplinary actions, fines, or even the revocation of his license to practice.

  • Chiropractic boards may launch investigations into Dr. Bigenho’s conduct to determine if any ethical violations occurred.
  • Potential legal consequences may include fines, sanctions, or the suspension of his chiropractic license.
  • This case may prompt discussions and potential reforms within the industry to prevent similar incidents in the future.

3. Rebuilding Trust and Professional Rehabilitation

In the wake of the scandal, Dr. Bigenho faces the challenge of rebuilding trust with both current and potential patients. This may require a multifaceted approach, including public apologies, transparent communication, and demonstrating commitment to improved practices. Efforts to rehabilitate his professional image may involve engaging in ethical continuing education, adhering to industry guidelines, and emphasizing patient safety.

  • Dr. Bigenho will need to acknowledge the concerns raised and take responsibility for his actions.
  • Public statements and apologies can help rebuild trust and demonstrate a commitment to improvement.
  • Actively engaging with patients and the wider community to address concerns and provide education can contribute to rebuilding his reputation.


The viral video of Dr. Tyler Bigenho performing an aggressive spinal adjustment has sparked heated discussions on social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit. The controversy surrounding the video led to significant professional repercussions for Dr. Bigenho, with calls for ethical reviews and scrutiny within the chiropractic community. While supporters have defended his actions, citing informed consent and clinical validity, others have criticized the forceful manipulation technique as reckless endangerment.

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